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Central African Republic - Displaced at Christmas

Thursday 26th Dec 2013 | Latest News, Africa

The renewed violence in the Central African Republic in recent weeks is accentuating an already dire humanitarian situation. Clashes in Bangui since 5th December has caused tens of thousands of people to flee and seek refuge wherever they can, in churches, in hospitals and even the airport runway.

Mother of 6, Mireille Koulimb, displaced from Ramandji district, sought refuge at the airport and says: "They are firing at anything." 

Chantal Bouanga from Bangui adds: "I ​​cannot go home.  If things were secure, I would go home but they aren’t.  Our children can’t even go to school, nor the teachers. We are here with teachers, and judges – everyone is here. "

Fervent Nordine who also fled Bangui states: "There are diseases here, bad smells. There are no toilets or anything. We are suffering from diarrhoea.” 

The ICRC is trying to help deal with these urgent humanitarian needs by providing around 60,000 liters of water per day to those displaced. The ICRC and volunteers from the Central African Red Cross have built toilets, 16 of which are for children.  They are also teaching people about hygiene awareness.

The ICRC has evacuated hundreds of injured and sick people, including children suffering from malaria and diarrhoea, as well as pregnant women. 

The ICRC reminds the authorities of their responsibility to protect their population.




  • Near the monastery Boy- Rabe, where 15,000 people have taken refuge, teams of volunteers from the Red Cross have connected 24 taps to the network of the city were installed by are also promoting hygiene to reduce the risk of disease
  • The ICRC is also providing water to the community hospital and maternity Castor .
  • Around Kaga Bandoro in the centre of the country, two mobile ICRC clinics are providing basic health care to people hiding in the bush. In a week, nearly 700 consultations were conducted, primarily for pregnant women and children under five years most of whom are affected by malaria.
  • In the north -east, in Ndélé , the ICRC is providing water for the city. Approximately 250 000 liters are produced each day to meet the needs of more than 10,000 people. 



Location: Central African Republic

Duration: 2min54'

Format: Mov HD and SD

Production: Nadia Dibsy / Romaric Bekourou / Didier Revol / Nicola Fell

Camera: Serge Kossouate Belalengbi

Sound: French

Ref. ICRC AV139N

Date: December 2013

Copyright: ICRC , access all


00 00 GVs of displaced people at M'poko Bangui airport ( 5 shots)

00 32 SOUNDBITE Mireille Koulimb, from Ramandji neighborhood, mother of 6 children (in French - 3 sec)

"They are firing at anything." 

00 35 SOUNDBITE Chantal Bouanga from Bangui (French - 25 sec )

" I cannot go home. Unless things become secure, I cannot go home. Even if we stay here a year, we are lucky to be alive. "

00 48 "Kids can not even go to school . Nor the teachers . We are here with teachers and judges and everyone.  Everyone is here."

01 01 SOUNDBITE Aubin Mopkeniya from Bangui (French - 10 sec)

"It's awful.   There’s a lack of food because of what happened . There is no money.  The children are suffering.”

01 11 SOUNDBITE Welton Yamila from Bangui (in French - 8 sec)

"We stay here until there is disarmament. There’s no peace, we cannot go home. " 

01 19 SOUNDBITE Fervent Nordine from Bangui (French - 9 sec)

"There are diseases here, bad smells. There are no toilets here. It’s bad. We are suffering from diarrohea. "

01 28 Construction of toilets by volunteers from the Central African Red Cross (5 shots) 

01 53 Tank supplying water (3 shots)

02 16 water taps (7 shots) 

02 54 END

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Additional Information:

Georgios Georgantas , ICRC Bangui , tel. : +23675527506 + 23672545659 or

Frédéric Joli , ICRC Paris , tel. : +33 6 20 49 46 30

David- Pierre Marquet , ICRC Geneva , tel. : +41 22 730 25 02 or + 41 79 536 92 48

or on our website : www.cicr.org

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